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When I wanted to learn some Quo on the guitar I used to search all over the internet to find tabs. Some were good and some not so good and some I just couldn't find, so in the end I decided the best way to find what I wanted was to do my own. If you want to learn some Quo as well then feel free to use them. Just click here for the ones that I've done so far.

Quo Photos Quo Photos

Click here to see photos taken at various Quo concerts I have been to over the years. There are also photos of meeting the band and one of my guitars that used to belong to Francis Rossi. Click here to see them.

AC/DC photos

I've been lucky enough to meet AC/DC a couple of times. There are some photos of the recording of the Hard as a Rock video, performing in various places and in a Milton Keynes hotel bar! Click here to see them.

Holiday photos

Photos of holidays over the years. Click here to see them.


My photos hosted on my other site 4500 Times Photography

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